Summer is here!

Summer is always a great time for aerials that show site details at their finest.  Summer oblique aerials show detailed views of properties and also provides some good opportunities for vertical aerial photography.  All this doesn't affect large mining, construction and/or development projects where verticals can provide valuable data anytime of the year.  This season is a great time to have recurring views and/or mapping of construction or development projects as they progress through the summer construction season.  For more information please click on the [Read more] tab under the Vertical Aerial Photography heading below.

We always try to shoot aerials during only the best weather conditions.  Summer weather can have some perfectly clear days for aerials, but the usual daily cloud build-ups can be unpredictable for flight planning so cloud shadows on sites can be avoided.

We hope to see many spectacular days so we can keep all our recurring aerial shoots on schedule. The good thing is there are always a few times to sneak in an aerial photo flight if it's close to our home base.  As always, it is crucial to give plenty of lead time for flight scheduling your projects. To assure the highest quality aerial images possible it is imperative to schedule your shoots with plenty of lead time so when good conditions arrive, your site can be included in a photo mission.

Vertical Aerial Photography

Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC is proud to provide true vertical aerial photography with geo-referencing and/or full ortho-rectification services.

After years of shooting vertical sites with our vertical camera mount and in-aircraft monitoring system installed in our own dedicated aerial photo aircraft

Our Photo Aircraft!

Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC conducts most aerial photographic projects using a Cessna Cardinal RG fixed wing aircraft!


Construction Progress

Another high value service we provide is construction progress aerial photography.

Construction progress aerials provide excellent documentation of projects through time. Periodic (usually at least monthly) similar views of a project keep all entities of the project team informed of the project status

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Bridge Construction

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Aerial Photography

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