Deep Into Winter!

The Holiday Season is over along with an accompanying cold spell (-35 to -38 F mornings, highs below zero)!   Yes there are issues for scheduling opportunities for collecting aerial imagery. Luckily, most of the time with adequate lead time we can get photo flights accomplished in reasonable time.  Sooner than we think winter will creep toward spring and it's normal weather "window" where the snow cover on the ground will be totally gone, but vegetation will still not be green.  The late winter/spring weather "window" is the perfect time to conduct vertical aerial photography showing the most ground detail possible.  If you have a site needing vertical aerial photos and/or mapping please let us know ASAP so we can make plans, set up the flight lines and schedule the flight with plenty of time to take advantage of the best possible weather conditions.

Please let us know if you need any aerial photography so we can add your site to winter and/or spring flight schedule!

Vertical Aerial Photography

Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC is proud to provide true vertical aerial photography with geo-referencing and/or full ortho-rectification services.

After years of shooting vertical sites with our vertical camera mount and in-aircraft monitoring system installed in our own dedicated aerial photo aircraft

Our Photo Aircraft!

Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC conducts most aerial photographic projects using a Cessna Cardinal RG fixed wing aircraft!


Construction Progress

Another high value service we provide is construction progress aerial photography.

Construction progress aerials provide excellent documentation of projects through time. Periodic (usually at least monthly) similar views of a project keep all entities of the project team informed of the project status

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Bridge Construction

A lot of bridge construction aerial images are time sensitive and can be used to show major events like old…

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Aerial Photography

Marketing of lakeshore, rural acreage or business property can be difficult. What can an owner, real estate agent or developer…

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