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Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC conducts most aerial photographic projects using a Cessna Cardinal RG fixed wing aircraft!



Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC operates a Cessna C177RG "Cardinal RG".  The Cardinal RG is renowned as one of the best aerial photographic aircraft available.  The Cardinal is a great aerial photo platform since there are no wing struts and the retractable landing gear are also out of the way which after the addition of custom photo windows provide an unobstructed view for shooting oblique aerial photos.  In addition, the Cardinal is fast and economical to operate, so we can fly between multiple photo targets fast and get more sites shot on days with good weather conditions.

We have finished installation of a vertical camera port and a custom vertical camera mount.  The camera port was installed in the rear baggage compartment of the aircraft which moves it well behind and on the opposite side of the engine exhaust stream.  Camera ports installed further forward often have image distortions due to exhaust heat.  The custom mount has a crab-control system adjustable from the cockpit to compensate for cross winds while flying flight lines.  This is required to allow accurate stiching of vertical mosaics, that are in turn required for geo-referencing in GIS mapping software.

Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC looks forward to serving all our oblique and vertical aerial photo clients with our Cardinal RG aircraft.

Cardinal RG N1528H

Photo windows are installed on both sides of the Cardinal.

Custom built vertical camera mount.