Vertical Aerial Photography

Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC is proud to provide true vertical aerial photography with geo-referencing and/or full ortho-rectification services.

After years of shooting vertical sites with our vertical camera mount and in-aircraft monitoring system installed in our own dedicated aerial photo aircraft

we can assure great results for all your vertical aerial photo and/or mapping projects.  To date we have stitched and geo-referenced project areas of over 40 square miles.  This project required stitching approximately 700 images into a single mosaic before geo-referencing with our GIS software.

For extreme accuracy project needs Aero-Environmental Consulting LLC has an associate with proprietary software that can take our vertical imagery and GPS flight line data to produce full ortho-rectified vertical imagery.  This ortho-rectified imagery can be accurate to well less than 6 inches in all X, Y & Z coordinates.  The process actually "maps" the XYZ coordinates of every pixel of every image collected from the flight lines over the project area.  In addition, we can provide full digital elevation models (DEM) and point cloud data sets that compare to LiDAR datasets.  If you need this level of accuracy for your project, please contact us to discuss your needs.

With multi-overlapping flight lines, true vertical stitched mosaics are possible for larger non-linear coverage.  We have provided ortho-photo, DEM, and point cloud data for sites as large as 110 sq. mi.  This required flying twelve 15 mi. flight lines and collecting 2018 images for full ortho-rectification.

With detailed flight line planning and data entry into our GPS, true vertical strip images of linear features like road construction projects are possible.

Below is a stitched vertical mosaic of the Cook Municipal Airport (CQM) where we base our aerial photography aircraft.

This mosaic was built from 36 images acquired from four overlapping flight lines.



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